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Successful transfer of ECOPROFIT to Russia - 6 Russian ECOPROFIT companies received their award
  vom: 30.09.2005
In a co-operation between the North Western International Cleaner Production Centre and the CPC Austria the internationally renown project ECOPROFIT was tested in a pilot project in St. Petersburg. It also proved itís strength in Russia and reached an important improvement of the environmental situation.

After an intensive programme over a year, the first Russian companies received their ECOPROFIT award in St. Petersburg. The project was started with an intensive training of Russian experts in Graz last year. These new ECOPROFIT consultants have subsequently started a first Basic Programme with companies in St. Petersburg. The implementation phase was accompanied by an intensive Coaching Programme of the CPC Austria and the Austrian Top ECOPROFIT Experts of the company STENUM.
The Basic Programme consisted of workshops on all areas of environmental protection, cleaner production and sustainable development. Additionally the companies received a firm specific analysis and consultation on site.
The participating enterprises are located in the areas of woodprocessing, furniture production, metrology and asphalt production. To receive the ECOPROFIT award they had to fulfil a number of requirements, e.g. detailed Input-Output analysis, environmental performance, programme and policy. They were written down in form of an environmental report. The measures of the companies reach from simple organisational changes to complicated process changeovers.
All enterprises achieved important environmental improvements. Not only the management was thrilled about the success of the programme, but also the Municipality of St. Petersburg. Further follow-up projects and the establishment of an ECOPROFIT Club is planned.