Informationszentrum für umweltgerechte Produktion GmbH


   The Cleaner Production Center (CPC) Austria

was founded in 1996 by the  City of Graz and the Austrian Kommunalkredit AG. Our mission is to provide a professional information source and establish a national and international platform for Cleaner Production issues.

The CPC was charged with the international dissemination of the internationally awarded ÖKOPROFIT® project. As a professional partner we organise the execution of ÖKOPROFIT® projects, support the implementation and further development of the ÖKOPROFIT® Program.

The CPC is also responsible for the development of the national and international Cleaner Production Network.

The CPC Austria has founded the Styrian Eco-Expert Network. The partners enable the CPC to constantly employ state-of-the art knowledge and the international network of ÖKOPROFIT® participants promotes the exchange of best-practice-experiences.